The future is sustainable: Manaly is officially PEFC certified!

Creating, designing and building a quality product, thinking about the well-being of people, the growth of the territory and respect for the environment that surrounds us is not only a priority, but it is the greatest challenge that Manaly has set itself.

Our journey towards corporate sustainability has finally reached another major milestone: Manaly is officially a PEFC certified company.

What is PEFC?

The PEFC, Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, is an evaluation program of forest certification schemes present throughout Europe. It is an international association, of which Italy is also a member, through which the levels of sustainability of a forest are certified. This association was born in 1999, with the precise aim of protecting the owners of small tropical forests who had not managed to obtain certification. PEFC Italia protects forests, olive groves, urban greenery, poplar groves and trees in many areas of our territory, all with a view to a sustainable future.

Manaly’s commitment to a sustainable future

After joining the Veneto Wood Consortium, an associative project of companies and institutions that aims to enhance the local wood supply chain, Manaly can guarantee its customers that the wood and tree origin of the material contained in a product comes from forests managed sustainably.

Manaly has been adopting a “greenapproach for many years to ensure maximum respect for the environment, committing itself daily to the disposal and recycling of the material used. Manaly’s continuous attention to environmental sustainability has led the company over the years to implement some good wood management practices and to carry out improvement operations within its carpentry workshop, always with a view to sustainability.

Taking care of our forests is not something we can do alone: ​​currently only about 10% of the world’s forests are certified for sustainable management, so we still have a long way to go and responsible choices to make. For example, when we are looking for a specific product, one of the simplest ways to protect our forests is to look for the PEFC label on the product itself: when it is present, it means that the raw material (wood) comes from a PEFC certified forest, i.e. a forest managed with the strictest environmental, social and economic requirements. A forest that will also have the opportunity to get to know future generations! Choosing PEFC certified wood means contributing to the reduction of carbon dioxide, protecting the environment and biodiversity.

This type of wood has complete traceability: from the area of ​​origin, to processing, up to the sale. It is an ethical choice, which in addition to protecting those who are part of this association, deals a severe blow to the illegal activities with which entire areas are deforested without criteria.

Unsustainable wood: what are the risks?

Unsustainable forest management involves a number of risks, involving:

  • animals;
  • plant;
  • people;
  • environment.

The intense consumption of paper and wood, without subsequent reforestation, inevitably leads to deforestation. Forests contain water, produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide: cutting trees at a higher rate than the growth of new plants leads to the loss of biodiversity, the extinction of many animal species and the worsening of global warming.

What are the characteristics of a PEFC forest?
futuro sostenibile

The guidelines of this association state that the PEFC forest is based on the following characteristics:

  • protection of plant and animal species present in the forest in respect of biodiversity;
  • respect for the rhythms of growth of the wood;
  • reforestation of deforested areas;
  • attention of indigenous peoples, workers and landowners.

Here in Manaly we use PEFC certified wood, because we believe not only in fight for the use of renewable resources instead of exhaustible ones, but we are aware of the effects that a sustainable wooden structure has on the environment and on the reduction of CO2. By building with certified wood, we encourage the regeneration of forests and their conscious and eco-sustainable management.

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