PEFC Chain of Custody Certification, we’re almost there!

From the beginning of its history to today, Manaly has always been strongly linked to the ethical values ​​of cooperativism and social, economic and environmental sustainability. As proof of the company’s commitment, since 2021 Manaly has undertaken a series of projects and initiatives with the aim of consolidating and certifying its dedication in this regard.

Thanks to the entry into the Consorzio Legno Veneto, an associative project of companies and institutions that aims to enhance the local wood supply chain, Manaly has started the process for obtaining the PEFC Chain of Custody (CoC) Certification, which guarantees that the woody and arboreal origin of the material contained in a product actually comes from sustainably managed forests.

Through responsible sourcing, demand for certified sustainable material is created, providing a financial incentive to maintain a forest as such and not use that land for other purposes.

Once the certification procedure, expected by September 2022, has been completed, Manaly will be able to offer its customers raw materials and products of certified origin, confirming the future vision oriented towards development through the enhancement of people and respect for the environment.