Conception, strategy and creative consultancy

Expertise, ideas and solutions to create unforgettable moments

Each new event must contain unique elements, capable of making it one of a kind and unforgettable. To achieve this objective it is essential to devote maximum care to the preliminary phases, adequately interpreting the communication strategy, aims and expectations of the customer.

Conceptualisation of the event, original and suited to the customer’s needs, represents the starting point of the conception process, which is subsequently developed with identification and evaluation of the services required to implement the conceptual aspects.

Subsequently, Manaly devotes particular attention to the feasibility study of the event, which comprises systematic analysis of the characteristics, costs and possible results, involving, when required, specialised technicians and consultants.

In brief, the first step has the aim of defining:

  • objectives and goals of the initiative
  • reference target
  • time frames
  • location identification
  • event theme

Design and planning

A multidisciplinary team capable of planning and managing each phase of the project

Events require meticulous design, organisation and coordination operations. Manaly’s history and expertise have determined the processes and method currently used to plan each event.

Definition of responsibilities

During drafting of the project, roles and responsibilities are allocated through precise definition of tasks and relations, in this way optimising the use of human resources.

For each order, Manaly allocates a dedicated Project Manager, unique contact person for the customer, who is capable of managing each phase of the project ensuring the right balance between times, costs and results.


The screenplay/storyboard is the essential element that transforms a simple event into an unforgettable performance, made to measure for the customer’s needs.

Through the collection and creative reprocessing of information and of the customer’s expectations, the script is able to give structure to the event, articulating the various moments and defining the activities on the programme.

Estimate of costs and resources

Careful use of resources in their type (human, equipment and services, consumables, financial), amount and time of use is essential for accurate planning of the project and for a correct summation of unit costs.

Manaly pays particular attention to these aspects, offering the customer transparency and maximum budget optimisation.

Time schedule

After defining the activities to be carried out the dates and duration of the operations must be planned to define a project calendar.

Thanks to its expertise, Manaly’s is able to pinpoint possible criticalities in advance, allowing the prevention of setbacks, especially at the most delicate moments.

Production and logistics

Nothing is left to chance

In the execution phase of the project, all the operations planned previously are carried out. The Manaly Project Manager manages the work team and the organisational procedures.

The control system accompanies all operational phases of the order to allow information to be collected in real time and any criticalities to be managed.

All elements required to set up the stand, such as structures, display cases and made-to-measure units, can be customised in Manaly’s in-house carpentry workshop, guaranteeing high quality finishes and assured deadlines.

Furthermore, Manaly directly manages the transport and logistics of the event throughout Europe.

Site and assistance

Direct control of each phase for an assured result

The expertise of Manaly’s craftsmen and team leaders allows supervision of all sites in Italy and abroad, ensuring a high level of control and the ability to take action and manage any setbacks.

After setting up the stand, together with the customer the Project Manager defines the final details to complete the work (positioning of specific graphics, product display, positioning of lights, etc.).

Finally, Manaly’s technical personnel offers assistance for the entire duration of the event.

Conclusion and evaluation

Each project represents an opportunity for growth

After the event, Manaly takes care of disassembly and transport, managing in compliance with the customer any special operations (transport of the product displayed, special packaging, return of furnishings and/or structures owned by the customer, etc.).

Once the order has been concluded the project is evaluated together with the customer, with the aim of ascertaining that the guidelines and objects set were complied with.