Event planning Vicenza

Event planning Vicenza

Design and implementation of events, able to best express the personality and strengths of the company.

Defining the concept, objectives, and characteristics of the event.

Definition of the concept, objectives and characteristics of the event

Every new event must incorporate elements of uniqueness within it to make it distinct and unforgettable. To achieve this goal, it is crucial to dedicate the utmost care to the preliminary phases, by adequately interpreting the communication strategy, the objectives, and the client’s expectations.
The creation of the event concept, which is original and tailored to the client’s needs, represents the starting point of the creative process, which then unfolds with the identification and evaluation of the services necessary to materialize the conceptual aspects.

Subsequently, Manaly pays special attention to the feasibility study of the event, which involves the systematic analysis of characteristics, costs, and potential outcomes, using, when necessary, specialized technicians and consultants.

In summary, the first step aims to define:

  • Objectives and purposes of the initiative;
  • Target audience;
  • Event concept;
  • Budget;
  • Timelines;
  • Identification of the location.

Design and planning

Let's think about where we want to go

The design and planning of an event are the fundamental pillars upon which the success of any special occasion is built. Before even stepping into the operational phase, it is essential to have a clear vision of where we want to arrive.
Events are the result of meticulous design, organization, and coordination work. Every detail, whether big or small, is an integral part of the puzzle that makes up a memorable event. Our history and multidisciplinary experience accumulated over our forty years have shaped our processes and our working method.
We are committed to fully understanding the goals, desires, and expectations of our clients in order to create a tailor-made event that exceeds all their expectations. Design is the moment when we map out the path to follow, while planning is the phase in which we put every detail into action, anticipating challenges and ensuring flawless management.

Definition of responsibilities

The project development involves the assignment of roles and responsibilities through a precise definition of tasks and relationships, optimizing the utilization of human resources. Manaly assigns a dedicated Project Manager to each project, serving as the single point of contact for the client, capable of managing every phase of the project to ensure the best balance between timing, costs, and outcomes.
For each order, Manaly allocates a dedicated Project Manager, unique contact person for the customer, who is capable of managing each phase of the project ensuring the right balance between times, costs and results.

Estimate of costs and resources

Careful allocation of resources in terms of type (human, equipment, services, consumables, financial availability), quantity, and duration of use is essential for accurate project planning and cost summation. Manaly pays special attention to these aspects, ensuring transparency and maximum budget optimization for the client.
Manaly pays particular attention to these aspects, offering the customer transparency and maximum budget optimisation.


The script is the fundamental element that transforms a simple event into an unforgettable spectacle tailored to the client's needs. By gathering and creatively reworking information and the client's expectations, the script provides structure to the event, outlining its moments and defining the planned activities.
Through the collection and creative reprocessing of information and of the customer’s expectations, the script is able to give structure to the event, articulating the various moments and defining the activities on the programme.

Time schedule

Following the definition of the tasks to be performed, it is necessary to precisely schedule the dates and durations of the activities to establish a project calendar. Manaly's experience allows for the early identification of potential issues, enabling the prevention of unforeseen challenges, especially during critical moments.
Thanks to its expertise, Manaly’s is able to pinpoint possible criticalities in advance, allowing the prevention of setbacks, especially at the most delicate moments.

Production and logistics

Nothing is left to chance

During the project execution phase, what was previously planned is put into action. The Manaly Project Manager oversees the workgroup and administers organizational procedures. The control system accompanies all the operational phases of the contract to allow real-time data collection and manage any issues.
The presence of an in-house carpentry workshop at Manaly allows for the customization of any elements necessary for the setup of the location, ensuring high-quality finishes and precise timelines.
Furthermore, Manaly directly manages event transportation and logistics throughout Europe.

Site and assistance

Direct control at every stage ensures results

The experience of Manaly’s artisans and foremen allows for the supervision of all construction sites in Italy and abroad, guaranteeing a high level of control and the ability to respond to and manage any unforeseen events.
After the event setup is completed, the Project Manager, together with the client, finalizes the last details to perfect the work.
Finally, Manaly’s technical staff provides assistance throughout the duration of the event.

Conclusion and evaluation

Every event represents an opportunity for growth

At the end of the event, it is evaluated as a whole, together with the client, examining both quantitative and qualitative aspects. The achievement of the predefined objectives is verified, the level of customer satisfaction is measured, and the perception of the brand by participants is analyzed. These actions allow Manaly to build strong relationships of collaboration and mutual trust with clients that endure over time.