certificazione pefc

PEFC Chain of Custody Certification, we're almost there!

From the beginning of its history to today, Manaly has always been strongly linked to the ethical values ​​of cooperativism and social, economic and environmental sustainability. As proof of the company's commitment, since 2021 Manaly has undertaken a series of projects and initiatives with the aim of consolidating and certifying its dedication in this regard.

Thanks to the entry into the Consorzio Legno Veneto, an associative project of companies and institutions that aims to enhance the local wood supply chain, Manaly has started the process for obtaining the PEFC Chain of Custody (CoC) Certification, which guarantees that the woody and arboreal origin of the material contained in a product actually comes from sustainably managed forests.

Through responsible sourcing, demand for certified sustainable material is created, providing a financial incentive to maintain a forest as such and not use that land for other purposes.

Once the certification procedure, expected by September 2022, has been completed, Manaly will be able to offer its customers raw materials and products of certified origin, confirming the future vision oriented towards development through the enhancement of people and respect for the environment.

partnership di manaly

Unity is strength: Manaly partnerships

The forced stop period of the past two years has forced companies in our sector to completely review their commercial and investment strategies. Hence the partnership between Manaly, Città Invisibile e Raggi di Luce, with which we had already collaborated in the past, albeit in a less assiduous way.

The first, Città Invisibile, is a cooperative company, which provides a complete service with regards to setting up complex structures for festivals and concerts.

The second, Raggi di Luce, is a company that provides lighting and sound for shows, events, exhibitions and corporate events.

This alliance has allowed not only the creation of a single logistic center, but also the possibility of offering the customer an even more complete and tailor-made service. With this collaboration we aim to strengthen our presence on the events market, giving the end customer the possibility of having a single interlocutor for all design, planning, set-up, multimedia, logistics and transport services.

legno veneto

Manaly becomes part of the Veneto Wood Consortium

After joining the ForestaOroVeneto Regional Innovative Network (RIR) in 2020, Manaly continued its collaboration with the Wood Veneto Consortium of which it has now officially joined.

Legno Veneto: a new green chapter for Manaly

The Veneto Wood Consortium (Consorzio Legno Veneto) is not for profit and is made up of about fifty companies from all over the Veneto region that represent the links in the entire supply chain from the forest to the finished product: companies of owners and managers of woods, i. first transformation of wood, i. for the production of semi-finished and engineered products.

The Consortium's objective is twofold: to build a new way of thinking about the forest resource and everything related to it; to give new life to a sector that for centuries has been the flagship of the Veneto Region, with a view to sustainability, ethics and respect for the environment.

Manaly's continuous attention to environmental sustainability has led the company over the years to put into action some good wood management practices and to carry out improvement operations within its carpentry workshop, always with a view to sustainability.

Now, thanks to the Consortium, it is starting a process to obtain the PEFC Chain of Custody (CoC) Certification, which guarantees that the woody and arboreal origin of the material contained in a product actually comes from sustainably managed forests.

Still with a view to traceability of the material, one of the future projects of the Wood Veneto Consortium is to become a certifying body able to guarantee the local origin of the wood and therefore give its associates, including Manaly, the opportunity to enjoy this further certification branded Legno Veneto.

For more information on the Veneto Wood Consortium, consult www.legnoveneto.it

mnaly design&build

Design&build: a new look for Manaly

To celebrate the company's 40th anniversary, Manaly has decided to renew its image: the restyling of the logo and the new website have been designed to respond to the need to give the company a more modern image and communicate in a the services offered are simple and straightforward.

A turning point that, in a historical period characterized by great changes, the company felt the need to implement in order to be correctly perceived by the market, but also to convey to its shareholders, partners and collaborators the intention to continue the growth process, which had begun way back in '81, and to continue the investment action on personnel and on the company itself.

Manaly Design&Build

For this reason, on the occasion of the anniversary, the claim stand events was replaced with design&build which today represents more comprehensively the services offered by the company: not only the creation of exhibition spaces and events, but a complete support that integrates aspects of design, planning, set-up, multimedia, logistics and transport.

To complete this renovation, Manaly has opened its historical archive in digital format: a permanent online exhibition in which images of stands and events alternate with unpublished moments in the history of the brand. A photographic collection strongly desired to describe and enhance not only in words, but also through images, the four decades of activity.

To view the historical archive, you can access via the following link: https://manaly.com/archive-storico/

settore fieristico

The restart of the exhibition sector told through numbers

The reopening of the exhibition activities in presence, accompanied by adequate measures of health prophylaxis, is giving interesting and useful feedback. The calendar of trade fairs dedicated to the industrial sectors organized by CFI Associates, starting from June 15 and until November 28, 2021, records 54 international fairs and 7 national fairs. Of these, 39 events have taken place to date, 36 of which are international.

Restart of the exhibition sector: some data

At more than half of the exhibition itinerary, some interesting indications of the climate in which the events were experienced and what perspectives can be identified for the future can already be obtained. The data available show, on average, a participation that is going well over 50% of that recorded pre-pandemic and the presence of professional visitors that is close to 30%, with an incidence of foreign operators of 15% of the total.

The most interesting aspect is the positive and constructive atmosphere that was experienced during the days of the fair: the pleasure of talking in person, planning future activities together, viewing and testing the products on display. Basically, we are working well with a high quality level of supply and demand: all satisfied with an outcome that went beyond the best expectations.

In conclusion, there is a concrete prospect of a gradual return to normalcy in the context of an economic recovery that is hoped to be solid and lasting.

Everything therefore suggests a positive and satisfying trade fair year 2022 that the CFI Associates have undertaken to organize with 82 high-level international events and 12 national events, a complete expression of the competitive capacity of industrial companies, the attractive strength of Made in Italy and concrete moment of recovery and development of commercial exchanges through the exhibition tool.

2022 calendar of the exhibition sector

The CFI 2022 Calendar includes 82 internationally qualified fairs and 11 national fairs, of which:

  • 15 events in the Agri-Food area
  • 17 events in the Automotive, Leisure area
  • 17 with capital and process assets area
  • 13 events in the Building area, Casa Arredo
  • 4 Medic-Farma area events
  • 27 events in the Moda Persona area

The events are hosted in the exhibition districts of Bari, Bologna, Cernobbio, Cremona, Florence, Genoa, Milan, Parma, Rimini and Verona.

The resumption of trade fair activities starting from 15 June 2021, in full compliance with the anti-pandemic prophylaxis regulations, resulted in encouraging and positive results with a concrete forecast of a positive 2022. The objective is the recovery of exhibitors and professional visitors to the preceding the pandemic which, with reference to the recorded data, had reached 60,000 exhibitors, 4 million visitors, with 2.7 million square meters. net exposure occupied. The degree of internationality of the CFI Associate Fairs was 35% for exhibitors and 24% for visitors.


Source: CFI Industry Fairs Committee | year 2021 | https://cfionline.net/news/