Manaly becomes part of the Veneto Wood Consortium

After joining the ForestaOroVeneto Regional Innovative Network (RIR) in 2020, Manaly continued its collaboration with the Wood Veneto Consortium of which it has now officially joined.

Legno Veneto: a new green chapter for Manaly

The Veneto Wood Consortium (Consorzio Legno Veneto) is not for profit and is made up of about fifty companies from all over the Veneto region that represent the links in the entire supply chain from the forest to the finished product: companies of owners and managers of woods, i. first transformation of wood, i. for the production of semi-finished and engineered products.

The Consortium’s objective is twofold: to build a new way of thinking about the forest resource and everything related to it; to give new life to a sector that for centuries has been the flagship of the Veneto Region, with a view to sustainability, ethics and respect for the environment.

Manaly’s continuous attention to environmental sustainability has led the company over the years to put into action some good wood management practices and to carry out improvement operations within its carpentry workshop, always with a view to sustainability.

Now, thanks to the Consortium, it is starting a process to obtain the PEFC Chain of Custody (CoC) Certification, which guarantees that the woody and arboreal origin of the material contained in a product actually comes from sustainably managed forests.

Still with a view to traceability of the material, one of the future projects of the Wood Veneto Consortium is to become a certifying body able to guarantee the local origin of the wood and therefore give its associates, including Manaly, the opportunity to enjoy this further certification branded Legno Veneto.

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