Manaly: Sustainability as a Growth Engine

Manaly has always stood out for its commitment to environmental sustainability. Our company, with a strong focus on eco-friendly practices, already boasts certifications such as PEFC and Legno Veneto, confirming our active membership in the Consorzio del Legno Veneto. However, our goal is to take a further step forward to obtain new certifications and constantly improve our sustainable practices. To achieve this goal, we are investing in a series of training courses and consultations aimed at deepening our knowledge in the green sector.

Sustainability is also a matter of… training

In recent months, we have undertaken an intense and thorough training path, structured around various fundamental themes for our sustainable growth. The first courses focused on exploring wood, delving into its applications in the sectors of setup, furniture, and construction. This allowed us to gain a comprehensive overview of the potential and peculiarities of this material. We also examined products and practices related to the circular economy, studying the reuse of materials and waste minimization. These courses represent only the beginning of a long training journey that will last months.

In this context (project “Wood Green & 4.0 Transition in the Veneto Wood Sector”), we were accompanied by the Consorzio del Legno Veneto, along with  Andrea ZenariGilberto Toneguzzi e Enrico Cancino.

Measure to improve: calculating our environmental impact

The next step in our training path, with the support of  Gianesin, Canepari & Partners, will focus on calculating our environmental impact. Understanding and measuring the impact of our activities is essential to implement effective emission reduction strategies and improve our company’s overall sustainability. We will involve every department, from production processes to logistics, to ensure that everyone has the awareness and skills necessary to contribute to our common goal of reducing environmental impact.

We want Manaly’s commitment to sustainability to materialize in tangible and continuous actions. Investing in employee training and calculating our environmental impact is just the beginning of a journey that will make us increasingly ecologically responsible.

We are convinced that aiming for a more sustainable future is not only a duty to our planet but also an opportunity to innovate and constantly improve. Sustainability is a choice that pays off, and we at Manaly are ready to do our part for a greener tomorrow.

Sustainability in action: our success stories

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the projects we carry out. The Ferretto stand is a prime example, featuring a back wall entirely made of PEFC-certified material, demonstrating how the use of sustainable materials can seamlessly integrate into exhibit design. Click here to learn more!

Another significant project is the Veneto Agricoltura stand, where the wood used for the construction of the huts is PEFC and Legno Veneto certified, coming from sustainably managed forests in the Veneto Region. Take a look by  clicking here!

In the Caffè Diemme stand, we also used raw wood boards recovered from the Vaia storm damage, highlighting our commitment to reusing natural materials. To find out more,  click here!

These projects are tangible testimonies of our commitment to promoting responsible resource management and actively contributing to environmental conservation.

Did you enjoy this article on corporate sustainability? If you are interested in creating an exhibition stand or need information on this topic, Manaly is at your disposal. contact us!