The starting point of Manaly: event setup

Event setup is an activity that combines creativity, organization, and precision. Every event, whether it is a fair, a conference, a festival, or a ceremony, requires careful planning that considers not only the aesthetic aspect but also the functionality and safety of the spaces. With 40 years of experience in the industry, Manaly has made event management the real turning point in its history. Continue reading the article to learn more!

The History of Manaly: From Origins to Success

The story of Manaly begins in 1891 when a group of 12 enterprising young men decided to found a cooperative with a name that represented the spirit of their initiative: Manovali Nati Liberi, today known as Manaly. The goal was clear: to work with passion, aiming for professional and personal well-being and growth. In the early years, Manaly focused on renovation, restoration, building and green area maintenance, and general porter services. These activities laid the foundation for a versatile and reliable cooperative called Manaly Services.

The turning point came in 1984 when Manaly won the contract for the setup of the Mozart Festival in Vicenza, the city’s most prestigious event. This assignment marked the beginning of specialization in event setup, expanding services to the theatrical and fair sectors. Since 1989, Manaly began to focus on trade show exhibitions, gradually reducing the original activities. This evolution led to the creation of Manaly Stand Events, eventually becoming today’s Manaly Design&Build, a reference point in the event setup and trade show design sector.

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The Art of Event Setup: Synergy Between Aesthetics and Functionality

The process for event setup begins with planning, where the event’s objectives and the client’s needs are defined. Next comes the design phase, in which detailed layouts, scenographies, and decorations are created. Logistics play a crucial role: coordinating setup and dismantling times, managing suppliers, and ensuring everything is perfectly in order requires experience and competence.

A successful setup is one that amazes the participants, creating an environment that fully reflects the desired theme and atmosphere, without neglecting comfort and safety. Event setup is therefore a combination of aesthetics and functionality, where every detail counts to transform a vision into reality.

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Innovation and Sustainability: The Future of Event Setup

Event setup is continuously evolving, with increasing attention to innovation and sustainability. Advanced technologies are revolutionizing the way events are conceived and experienced, improving participants’ experience and optimizing design and setup processes. At the same time, sustainability has become a fundamental pillar. The use of recyclable materials, the implementation of eco-friendly practices, and waste reduction are now essential for companies in the sector.

A concrete example is the event that Manaly set up for Inditex, developed in Zara’s flagship store during the Fuorisalone in Milan. In this project, the structure had to be built with sustainable and fully recyclable fabrics, in line with Inditex’s “zero waste” approach. The structure transformed the store’s entrance into a sensory pathway, harmonizing with the brand’s heritage and dialoguing with the original architecture. Take a look by clicking here!

If you need to set up or organize a corporate event or want to design your trade show stand, you can rely on us at Manaly. For over 40 years, we have been supporting companies in identifying the best expression solution. Contact us and find out if we are right for you!