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Who we are

For 40 years Manaly has been providing integrated consultancy for the design and production of exhibition spaces and events. Our international experience, gained at the side of prestigious customers, allows us to translate marketing objectives into captivating spaces that are capable of fully expressing the enterprise’s personality and strengths.

To guarantee maximum efficiency and return on investment, Manaly offers a high level of customisation, starting from in-depth technical and structural analysis that guides the final choices and the work of skilled craftsmen.

Complete support that integrates design, planning, set-up, multimedia, logistic and transport aspects.

Our 40 years of history

Manaly, Manovali Nati Liberi (labourers born free)


Manaly was founded in 1981 by 12 partners, all in their twenties, who decided to take the initiative and create a job for themselves, together attending a professional training course for builders. The name they chose was emblematic: Manovali Nati Liberi (labourers born free) represents the spirit that led to the founding of the cooperative, namely the will to work, while striving to achieve wealth together with professional and personal growth.
The founding members each purchased shares for 20,000 lire, depositing a share capital that amounted to 240,000 lire. The first elected chairman was Ezio Cucco. The Articles of Association signed on 15 October state: “Article 3) the purpose that the members of the cooperative intend to pursue is that of obtaining, through management of the company as an association to which they offer their availability to work, continuous employment and better economic, social and professional conditions.”

Initially, working activities focused on renovations and restorations, maintenance of buildings and green spaces, cleaning and general porterage services.


The turning point came in 1984: the cooperative was awarded the contract for setting up and providing stage and props services for the Mozart Festival in Vicenza, the city’s most important cultural event. From that time on Manaly started to turn its hand mainly to events for public and private bodies, building and setting up structures and props for performances.


In 1989 the cooperative began to integrate its services for the trade fair sector and consequently started to  spontaneously decrease the activities for which it had been founded. Its professional growth was acknowledged by customers, who suggested a change of name to the members: no longer “labourers” but “masters”. The desired to improve has always been a driving force in Manaly.


1994 saw the start of a period of rapid growth as regards modernisation and production. With the support of the consultants Mauro Guglielmini and Giovanni Pappalardo, after a phase of internal analysis and discussion among members, the original activity of providing maintenance, cleaning and porterage services was completely abandoned and efforts were concentrated on developing the cooperative’s two core businesses: stands and events.

Our 40 years of history

Manaly, Maestri Nati Liberi (masters born free)


The initial years of the new millennium were devoted to consolidating the company. Large investments were made in the development of a customised IT system for managing order information and in professional training. In just one year, Manaly organised a total of 320 hours of training with university lecturers.

Analysis of the production process clearly highlighted the cooperative’s strengths and areas of improvement and this led to the definition of a precise company organisation chart and to the integration of new highly specialised professional figures in the field of engineering, design and creativity. These courageous investments made it possible to consolidate the market in the events field and to greatly develop the trade fair stand sector.

A further fundamental phase in Manaly’s history was the construction, in 2006, of the new Sovizzo headquarters. This is a modern space where the creativity and carpentry departments work side by side generating a continuous and profitable exchange of experiences among designers, managers and craftsmen.

Our 40 years of history

Manaly, Design and Build


Through the integration of young people into the Manaly staff, the company was able to increase its level of integrated consultancy and its skills. This process also facilitated the internationalisation process, by growing relations with foreign customers and partners.

The over 20 in-house employees at Manaly, together with a consolidated network of strategic external collaborators, allowed it to offer services at an increasingly high level, capable of transforming the customer’s marketing objectives into increasingly captivating spaces.


Despite its evolution in recent years, Manaly has remained a company with strong ties to the ethical values of cooperation and social, economic and environmental sustainability. As proof of the company’s commitment, in 2021 Manaly officially became a member of Consorzio Legno Veneto (Veneto Timber Consortium), a joint project involving firms and institutions aimed at developing the local timber supply chain to improve environmental sustainability and offer the consumer traced products of extremely high quality.

Cooperative spirit

People at the centre of our world

In Manaly, people are at the centre of the cooperative’s interest and values. The actual involvement of members and employees, in addition to the motivation in working for a common project, are managerial theories that have always been adopted in Manaly. This method translates into a competitive advantage that has allowed us to earn the loyalty of customers and take on increasingly complex projects.
Our vision for the future is oriented at development through the enhancement of people and respect for the environment. These are the contemporary key issues that have always been deeply rooted in Manaly’s values, which mark the route and at the same time allow flexibility and change.

In 2009 a new phase, characterised by large technical and cultural investments, aimed at accelerating growth, was embarked on. The cooperative purchased the carpentry machining centre and at the same time renewed its machinery and a new IT system was adopted. The members made the decision to initiate the Environmental Project, a path that will lead to a significant reduction in the environmental impact produced by processing and waste disposal to the detriment of the territory. Due to the photovoltaic system installed on the premises, the energy required for working activities is from renewable sources. 
Manaly is a modern, dynamic and up-to-date company that genuinely believes and invests in people. The hiring of young people and their integration into the company’s decision-making, creative and operational processes are key elements for building the future of the enterprise.


Environmental sustainability as a present and future commitment

Manaly adopts an environmentally sustainable approach to ensure maximum respect for the environment, taking action each day for the disposal and recycling of the materials used. Manaly’s continuous attention to environmental sustainability has led the company over the years to put into action some good wood management practices and to carry out improvement operations within its carpentry workshop, always with a view to sustainability. For this reason, after joining the “ForestaOroVeneto” Regional Innovative Network (RIR) in 2020, it continued its collaboration with the Consorzio Legno Veneto (wood local consortium) of which it has now officially joined.

Now, thanks to the consortium, it is starting a process to obtain the PEFC Chain of Custody (CoC) Certification, which guarantees that the woody and arboreal origin of the material contained in a product actually comes from sustainably managed forests. In order to have the traceability of the material, one of the future projects of the Consorzio Legno Veneto is to become a certifying body able to guarantee the local origin of the wood and therefore give its associates, including Manaly, the opportunity to enjoy this further certification branded Legno Veneto.