Our spirit is cooperation. Together, we share visions and responsibilities. Each partner is a pillar, each idea a building block.
Collaboration forms the strong foundation of our success.
We always place the needs of the individual at the center, whether they are a customer, colleague, or partner. Work is an opportunity for the development of knowledge and understanding, which is why we are constantly seeking new models of growth, both technological and social, that are as sustainable as possible.

Chi siamo manaly
chi siamo manaly

Intergenerational Solidarity

Thanks to the non-speculative nature of our cooperative, we are constantly committed to preserving our heritage for the benefit of future generations. This approach fosters a virtuous cycle of investments and innovation, facilitating the transfer of knowledge and skills from more experienced members to younger ones. In this way, we generate a continuous flow of perspectives, abilities, and experiences that helps preserve the very essence of the cooperative.


In the harmony of our differences, we create an environment that thrives on inclusion and respect. Manaly is a modern, dynamic, and forward-thinking entity that believes in and invests in people and their participation. The recruitment of young talents and their integration into the company’s decision-making, creative, and operational processes are fundamental elements in shaping the future of the business.

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Commitment to the Territory

We embrace eco-sustainability by engaging in responsible recycling and disposal of materials. Our environmental commitment has led to more sustainable wood management practices within our carpentry workshop. After joining the Regional Innovative Network (RIR) ForestaOroVeneto in 2020, our collaboration with the Consorzio Legno Veneto has grown, ensuring the Custodial Certification (PEFC), which attests to the sustainable origin of wood materials. The Consortium is now a certifying body, allowing members like Manaly to benefit from the certified Legno Veneto mark, ensuring the traceability of wood used in our processes.

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Between Past and Future

We move forward with determination, never forgetting our origins. Our roots are firmly planted in our 40 years of history, but our gaze is always directed towards the future, focusing on the empowerment of people and the respect for the environment.

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