The corporate event as a marketing tool

Although we live in an increasingly digital and virtual world, the corporate event remains the best solution to affirm and increase brand awareness and strengthen the sense of community, involving participants in a concrete and emotional experience that creates strong engagement.

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Why is important to organize a corporate event?

There are many reasons why a company should include the organization of events in its communication strategy.

Indeed, a corporate event:

  • creates value, enhances the image of a company, product or service;
    generates notoriety, improving its positioning;
  • it allows versatile communication, as a multidimensional and multichannel tool;
  • it is able to reach its target thanks to the fact that it takes place live, creating an aggregating, empathetic and at the same time selective communication;
  • it allows you to differentiate yourself from competitors, it is in fact more incisive than other forms of communication and can have easier access to the media through media relations activities;
  • creates profit, generates new flows (tourism, sales, etc.).

How do you make a successful event?

The corporate event is a complex and articulated tool that requires planning, management, coordination and a lot of creativity.

The realization of an event is divided into three phases, let’s see them together!

  • Pre Event: in this phase all the strategic planning activities are set up, from the identification of concepts and objectives, to the planning and management of all the basic elements and the necessary logistics (positioning, period, duration, market, location, schedule , resources, investments, expected results). Furthermore, this is where all stakeholders are involved through communication and promotion.
  • Event: the focus here falls on on-site management and coordination; the goal is to create an active experience aimed at increasing the number of visitors and stimulating interaction during the event.
  • Post-Event: in this last phase, memory and loyalty must be stimulated through the reporting and dissemination of the results.

Why we have to trust an event manager?

Every new event must have within it elements capable of making it unique and unforgettableā€¦ and although already defined and tested, achieving what has been agreed in advance on the day of the event is not something to be underestimated, but a task to be entrusted to a professional.

This is how Manaly deals with events!

To create a successful event, the preliminary phases aimed at finding the correct communication strategy, in line with the customer’s expectations, are essential.

Once the strategy has been defined, a meticulous planning, organization and coordination work by the Project Manager follows, which then flows into the project execution phase, in which what was previously planned is implemented.

Nothing must be left to chance! In fact, the experience of Manaly’s craftsmen and foremen allows them to supervise all construction sites in Italy and abroad, guaranteeing a high level of control and the ability to intervene and manage any unforeseen events.

At the end of the event, this is evaluated as a whole together with the client, examining the quantitative and qualitative aspects. The achievement of the set objectives is verified, the level of customer satisfaction is measured and the perception of the brand by the participants is analysed.

evento aziendale

Digital technologies at the service of the event

Although the human factor always prevails in an event, technology today also plays an essential role in this area. Digital adv, social campaigns and direct mail before the event are essential to increase the engagement of the participants.
Video projections and augmented reality are stimulators to entertain, amaze and excite. Finally, it is possible to consolidate relations with the participants thanks to the sending of post-event thank-you communications, stimulating the memory through photos and videos.

Creating a corporate event is therefore a fundamental action to be included in the promotion and communication activities.

If you need to organize an event or a stand, you can rely on us at Manaly, for over 40 years we have been supporting companies in identifying the best expression solution. Contact us!