Vicenzaoro: the story of a fair with an international breath

Vicenza, also known as the “city of gold”, happens to be a real jewel.

Our city can already boast a good reputation for being the cradle of Palladio... but the latter's architectures are not the only pearls it loves to show off. Over the years, it has become famous for the Gold Fair (Vicenzaoro), an international event, a point of reference for the goldsmith and jewelery sectors.

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Vicenzaoro between history and tradition

According to tradition, the first documents regarding the prosperity of Vicenza's goldsmith production date back to 1300 (precisely to 1399, i.e. the act of constitution of the Fraglia degli Orafi di Vicenza which at the time brought together as many as 150 craftsmen).

At the time, the skill of the Vicenza goldsmiths was already appreciated by the Venetian nobles and by the Church which, periodically, commissioned them to create extremely precious artefacts. Thanks to the increase in demand, the Vicenza goldsmith's production began to evolve, causing the workshops in Vicenza and Bassano del Grappa to multiply.

However, the sector took off in the 1800s when, alongside the artisan workshops, real companies began to be born, small in size and generally family-run. In fact, they must be credited with having been able to project this art into the future, reaching very high levels of workmanship and always remaining at the peak of creativity over time. A centuries-old tradition, therefore, from the craftsman to the industry that has given Vicenza the title of "city of gold" and international fame.

Vicenza currently produces a third of the entire Italian goldsmith work!

Vicenzaoro today

For several years, Vicenzaoro has been the most important goldsmith trade fair in Italy and abroad. The numbers confirm its success: over 1,300 brands from 35 countries, always keeping the goldsmith tradition of this city at the center and becoming its most modern evolution.

The inevitable consequence was that Vicenza also became the home of the first Jewelery Museum in Italy (one of the few in the world!), which is housed in the Basilica Palladiana, created by Exhibition Group Spa with the support of the Municipality of Vicenza.

January 2023 edition - the real restart

The arrival of covid has affected the entire trade fair sector, including the gold fair: in 2020 both editions were skipped and instead restarted from September 2021, but with certain measures and restrictions to be respected.

From the point of view of the set-up, we can say that the real restart was seen from the edition that has just ended as for the three post-pandemic editions (September 2021 - March 2022 - September 2022) the stands created were pre-fitted stands (to meet the difficulties of the period), while for this first edition of 2023 the stands are once again personalized.

Manaly has followed the construction of 9 stands and some common areas of the fair. This involved a great deal of planning work but also internal planning and management, as all the stands belonged to the same event. (Watch and leave a heart to our summary reel on our instagram page!)

As always, the fair was sold out, filling all the pavilions and confirming all the major national and international exhibitors.

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Let's sum up our 2022!

This year too is coming to an end and it is time to sum up the past months through an analysis of what has been.
Why? Because we want to be able to start the new year in the best way by achieving new goals.

What happened in 2022?

The balance sheets at the end of 2022 say that the MICE world (organization of travel linked to conferences, fairs, events, congresses) has even exceeded expectations, even if not with pre-Covid volumes. Statistics state that a good 2023 is therefore expected but with a full recovery in 2024.

But what happened in our Manaly in this last year? Let's see it together.

  • We can state that the results achieved in 2022 have returned to the levels of the pre-pandemic year, with a year that will close with a turnover of approximately €2,600,000, thus exceeding the turnover of 2019.
  • Attention to corporate sustainability has always been a cornerstone in our company and, during the pandemic, we launched several projects that have finally seen the light this year: after joining the ForestaOroVeneto Regional Innovative Network (RIR), we have continued the collaboration with the Veneto Wood Consortium of which we are now officially members. In addition to the Legno Veneto certification, which guarantees the origin of the wood from the Veneto region, we have obtained the PEFC Chain of Custody (CoC) certification, which guarantees that the wood and tree origin of the material contained in a product actually comes from sustainably managed forests.
  • Precisely thanks to our certifications, on the occasion of "Caseus", the most important regional event on the world of cheeses promoted by the Veneto Region, we created the first Legno Veneto and PEFC certified stand in a short supply chain. 
  • Our team has expanded into various departments, thanks to the inclusion of young and highly specialized figures, a sign of the company's ongoing commitment to putting people at the center of the cooperative's interests and values. The recruitment of young people and their integration in the decision-making, creative and operational processes of the company are fundamental elements in building the future of the company.
  • A new layout and an update of internal processes have been studied for our warehouse. These have been actions that have allowed the logistics department greater control in the preparation phases of the various construction sites, increasing productivity and reducing the margins of error.
  • Finally, we have renewed and expanded our carpentry by introducing two new cutting-edge machines to perfect the quality of our workmanship: thanks to the purchase of an automatic edgebander and a new 5-axis CNC machining centre, we are able to develop projects more and more personalized for our customers.

Towards the Manaly of the future

So all we have to do is celebrate our 2022, ready to face the new year with enthusiasm and full of new goals. The first, for example, concerns digitization in the company: in fact, we have started a process for the development of management software that will make it possible to digitize information and order documentation between the various departments, so as to increase the level of control, management and intervention in all operational phases.

We believe that it is essential to periodically stop and look back to understand and evaluate what has been done, only in this way will we have the possibility to face the future with the right awareness.

We are proud to be able to say that all the actions achieved so far fully reflect the values ​​and corporate mission of Manaly, which we promise to carry forward also in the new year together with friends, customers, partners and suppliers.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from all the Manaly team!

evento aziendale

The corporate event as a marketing tool

Although we live in an increasingly digital and virtual world, the corporate event remains the best solution to affirm and increase brand awareness and strengthen the sense of community, involving participants in a concrete and emotional experience that creates strong engagement.

We have explored the topic in this article, read it to find out more

Why is important to organize a corporate event?

There are many reasons why a company should include the organization of events in its communication strategy.

Indeed, a corporate event:

  • creates value, enhances the image of a company, product or service;
    generates notoriety, improving its positioning;
  • it allows versatile communication, as a multidimensional and multichannel tool;
  • it is able to reach its target thanks to the fact that it takes place live, creating an aggregating, empathetic and at the same time selective communication;
  • it allows you to differentiate yourself from competitors, it is in fact more incisive than other forms of communication and can have easier access to the media through media relations activities;
  • creates profit, generates new flows (tourism, sales, etc.).

How do you make a successful event?

The corporate event is a complex and articulated tool that requires planning, management, coordination and a lot of creativity.

The realization of an event is divided into three phases, let's see them together!

  • Pre Event: in this phase all the strategic planning activities are set up, from the identification of concepts and objectives, to the planning and management of all the basic elements and the necessary logistics (positioning, period, duration, market, location, schedule , resources, investments, expected results). Furthermore, this is where all stakeholders are involved through communication and promotion.
  • Event: the focus here falls on on-site management and coordination; the goal is to create an active experience aimed at increasing the number of visitors and stimulating interaction during the event.
  • Post-Event: in this last phase, memory and loyalty must be stimulated through the reporting and dissemination of the results.

Why we have to trust an event manager?

Every new event must have within it elements capable of making it unique and unforgettable… and although already defined and tested, achieving what has been agreed in advance on the day of the event is not something to be underestimated, but a task to be entrusted to a professional.

This is how Manaly deals with events!

To create a successful event, the preliminary phases aimed at finding the correct communication strategy, in line with the customer's expectations, are essential.

Once the strategy has been defined, a meticulous planning, organization and coordination work by the Project Manager follows, which then flows into the project execution phase, in which what was previously planned is implemented.

Nothing must be left to chance! In fact, the experience of Manaly's craftsmen and foremen allows them to supervise all construction sites in Italy and abroad, guaranteeing a high level of control and the ability to intervene and manage any unforeseen events.

At the end of the event, this is evaluated as a whole together with the client, examining the quantitative and qualitative aspects. The achievement of the set objectives is verified, the level of customer satisfaction is measured and the perception of the brand by the participants is analysed.

evento aziendale

Digital technologies at the service of the event

Although the human factor always prevails in an event, technology today also plays an essential role in this area. Digital adv, social campaigns and direct mail before the event are essential to increase the engagement of the participants.
Video projections and augmented reality are stimulators to entertain, amaze and excite. Finally, it is possible to consolidate relations with the participants thanks to the sending of post-event thank-you communications, stimulating the memory through photos and videos.

Creating a corporate event is therefore a fundamental action to be included in the promotion and communication activities.

If you need to organize an event or a stand, you can rely on us at Manaly, for over 40 years we have been supporting companies in identifying the best expression solution. Contact us!

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futuro sostenibile

The future is sustainable: Manaly is officially PEFC certified!

Creating, designing and building a quality product, thinking about the well-being of people, the growth of the territory and respect for the environment that surrounds us is not only a priority, but it is the greatest challenge that Manaly has set itself.

Our journey towards corporate sustainability has finally reached another major milestone: Manaly is officially a PEFC certified company.

What is PEFC?

The PEFC, Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, is an evaluation program of forest certification schemes present throughout Europe. It is an international association, of which Italy is also a member, through which the levels of sustainability of a forest are certified. This association was born in 1999, with the precise aim of protecting the owners of small tropical forests who had not managed to obtain certification. PEFC Italia protects forests, olive groves, urban greenery, poplar groves and trees in many areas of our territory, all with a view to a sustainable future.

Manaly's commitment to a sustainable future

After joining the Veneto Wood Consortium, an associative project of companies and institutions that aims to enhance the local wood supply chain, Manaly can guarantee its customers that the wood and tree origin of the material contained in a product comes from forests managed sustainably.

Manaly has been adopting a "green" approach for many years to ensure maximum respect for the environment, committing itself daily to the disposal and recycling of the material used. Manaly's continuous attention to environmental sustainability has led the company over the years to implement some good wood management practices and to carry out improvement operations within its carpentry workshop, always with a view to sustainability.

Taking care of our forests is not something we can do alone: ​​currently only about 10% of the world's forests are certified for sustainable management, so we still have a long way to go and responsible choices to make. For example, when we are looking for a specific product, one of the simplest ways to protect our forests is to look for the PEFC label on the product itself: when it is present, it means that the raw material (wood) comes from a PEFC certified forest, i.e. a forest managed with the strictest environmental, social and economic requirements. A forest that will also have the opportunity to get to know future generations! Choosing PEFC certified wood means contributing to the reduction of carbon dioxide, protecting the environment and biodiversity.

This type of wood has complete traceability: from the area of ​​origin, to processing, up to the sale. It is an ethical choice, which in addition to protecting those who are part of this association, deals a severe blow to the illegal activities with which entire areas are deforested without criteria.

Unsustainable wood: what are the risks?

Unsustainable forest management involves a number of risks, involving:

  • animals;
  • plant;
  • people;
  • environment.

The intense consumption of paper and wood, without subsequent reforestation, inevitably leads to deforestation. Forests contain water, produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide: cutting trees at a higher rate than the growth of new plants leads to the loss of biodiversity, the extinction of many animal species and the worsening of global warming.

What are the characteristics of a PEFC forest?
futuro sostenibile

The guidelines of this association state that the PEFC forest is based on the following characteristics:

  • protection of plant and animal species present in the forest in respect of biodiversity;
  • respect for the rhythms of growth of the wood;
  • reforestation of deforested areas;
  • attention of indigenous peoples, workers and landowners.

Here in Manaly we use PEFC certified wood, because we believe not only in fight for the use of renewable resources instead of exhaustible ones, but we are aware of the effects that a sustainable wooden structure has on the environment and on the reduction of CO2. By building with certified wood, we encourage the regeneration of forests and their conscious and eco-sustainable management.

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