Progetto Fuoco 2024: the immersive experience of Expo FOV

Highlighting RIR and the Consorzio Legno Veneto

Il Consorzio del Legno Veneto, belonging to the Regional Innovative Network (RIR), eagerly prepares for participation in the extraordinary Progetto Fuoco 2024 fair, taking place in Verona from February 28 to March 2, 2024. Expo FOV (Veneto Gold Forest) goes beyond the traditional trade show presence, aiming to create transparency, responsibility, and build lasting trust among current and future members. Communicating the value of participating companies, promoting the brand, and committing to entrepreneurial and environmental development define the objectives. The unique approach aims to promote cross-sector collaboration, stimulate research and innovation, address systemic issues, and raise awareness on crucial themes.

The Immersive Experience by Manaly

Manaly, an integral part of the Veneto Wood Consortium and RIR, is bringing this project to life. The distinctive feature is an immersive experience that transports participants into the heart of the Consortium and RIR. This experience will result from the collaboration between the companies of the Veneto Wood Consortium, each contributing with its own history, expertise, and products. The project aims to create a comprehensive experience that celebrates the diversity and excellence of the forest-wood sector in the region. Active participation underscores the collective commitment to promoting the supply chain and strengthening ties within the community.

Immersive Experience: Why Choose It?

The immersive experience is becoming increasingly central at trade shows. It offers visitors the opportunity to connect uniquely with companies and brands. This multisensory environment stimulates emotional interaction, leaving a lasting impression. Living the story and values of a company firsthand creates a deeper bond and fosters customer loyalty.

Immersive Experience: How to Make It Happen?

Creating a successful immersive experience goes beyond the mere implementation of advanced technologies. It requires careful planning, precise execution, and the presence of specialized skills. It is necessary to clearly define the objectives to be achieved and identify the target audience. These initial steps are crucial for creating a targeted and effective plan.

Choosing the right tools is equally crucial. With a wide range of technologies available, it is essential to understand the peculiarities of each.

However, a key element that cannot be overlooked is the choice of an experienced and competent partner. Collaborating with professionals in the immersive experience industry can provide valuable insights, offering advice on technical, creative, and strategic aspects. A competent partner can guide you in selecting the most appropriate tools, optimizing the creation process, and ensuring a smooth project realization.

Don’t miss Expo FOV at Progetto Fuoco 2024: immerse yourself in a unique experience that celebrates and promotes sustainability and innovation in the forest-wood sector.

We look forward to seeing you from February 28 to March 2 in Verona!

If you are interested in the immersive experience, Manaly is available, contact us!