Manaly returns to be part of Legacoop

We are thrilled to announce the return of Manaly, in the Legacoop association, the National League of Cooperatives and Mutuals. After many years of experience and independent successes, Manaly’s choice to re-associate demonstrates the value of joining the League and seizing the opportunities it offers.

Who is Legacoop and what does it do?

Legacoop is an association that has been committed for 125 years to dynamically and effectively support the economic, social and civil protagonism of cooperative enterprises. Currently, Legacoop brings together over 15,000 cooperative enterprises present in all regions of our country and in various sectors, with the aim of creating development and wealth, always placing people and the territory at the centre.

The association develops a wide range of services and projects aimed at promoting the birth and growth of cooperative enterprises. Furthermore, Legacoop undertakes to spread the cooperative culture, enhancing its distinctive principles and supporting the economic, social and civil role of cooperative enterprises through representation activities. The main objective is to respond to the needs of people, who form the nucleus of cooperative enterprises.

Advantages of belonging to Legacoop

Being part of a large organization like Legacoop means having a stronger voice and greater weight in facing the challenges of the sector. Furthermore, its members can benefit from tax breaks, access to subsidized loans and participation in specific projects and tenders.

Legacoop allows cooperatives to get in touch with other cooperative enterprises, creating opportunities for networking and collaboration. This network can foster the exchange of knowledge, mutual learning and sharing of best practices.

Finally, the association organizes training and professional development programs for members (including management, leadership, sustainability, innovation and social responsibility), enabling them to acquire specific skills and knowledge to successfully manage cooperatives.

All of this therefore contributes to improving the competitiveness of cooperative companies and promoting their long-term sustainable growth.

The value of the cooperative network

Cooperation is at the heart of Legacoop’s philosophy and represents a fundamental value for the companies that are part of it. Working together to achieve common goals brings benefits on an individual and collective level. Cooperative ethics promote transparency, fairness and democratic participation, creating an inclusive and responsible work environment.

Manaly has always valued people and respect for the environment as central themes of the cooperative, creating a competitive advantage in customer loyalty and in tackling complex projects. The cooperative has embarked on a new phase since 2009, investing in technology and culture to accelerate growth. But that’s not all, Manaly is a modern company that believes and invests in people, hiring young people and integrating them into the company’s decision-making, creative and operational processes to build the company’s future.

The decision to return to Legacoop reflects Manaly’s commitment to promote cooperative values. This synergy will allow it to benefit from the resources and opportunities offered by Legacoop, while at the same time contributing to the growth and strengthening of the entire cooperative movement.