The Caseus Event: celebrating the History of Italian Cheese

This year too, the 19th edition of Caseus will take place in the prestigious Villa Contarini in Piazzola sul Brenta (PD), one of the most splendid Venetian residences, representing the perfect combination of art and food and wine culture.

But what exactly is Caseus? And what role does Manaly play in this event?

What is the Caseus event?

Caseus, which means “cheese” in Latin, is a tribute to the skill and passion of Italian cheese producers. This is a unique opportunity to discover and taste some of the best Italian cheeses, learn about the history that surrounds them and understand the importance of this delicacy in the Italian culinary context.

The event, now in its 19th edition, brings together large dairies and small alpine producers, with a growing presence that has led to over 80,000 visitors in 2022 and the participation of over 500 cheeses in the competition. The two days (30 September and 1 October) will be full of opportunities to taste authentic cheeses, with guided tastings, food and wine pairings, meetings with cheesemakers, masterclasses and moments of training and discussion. The calendar of events promises to be even broader than the previous year, with over 60 events already sold out before the opening of the event.

Caseus: a story of taste and tradition

In 2005, Caseus was founded to honor the history of approximately 3000 Veneto farmers who care for their animals and produce high quality milk. These producers deliver their precious milk to regional dairies every day or process it directly. Tradition is passed down from generation to generation through cheesemakers, who learn the art from those who preceded them, adding innovation while respecting ancient practices.

The Caseus event offers a unique showcase for the cheeses of Veneto producers, including dairies, mountain huts, farms, maturers and refiners. Since 2022, the event has expanded its scope, including three distinct exhibition routes: Caseus Veneti, Caseus Italiae and Caseus Mundi, which welcome producers from other regions and countries. This expansion makes the event even more diverse and fascinating, combining tradition and innovation in the world of high-quality cheeses.

Manaly’s role in Caseus

Manaly, in collaboration with CD10, followed the design and setup of the stand of Veneto Agricoltura and its subsidiary companies CSQA, Bioagro and Intermizoo in both this year’s and the previous year’s editions.

The project was based on the analysis of traditional Venetian architecture to reinterpret it in a sustainable and contemporary way. This led to the creation of wooden houses which, strategically positioned, evoke the image of a rural Venetian village. The main attention is paid to the valorization of cultural heritage, with the use of PEFC and Legno Veneto certified wood coming from sustainably managed forests in the region itself. Manaly collaborated with Veneto Agricoltura to create these independent structures, which can be reused to represent Venetian culture on different occasions, highlighting the sustainability and authenticity of local products.

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