Design and functionality: the perfect synergy in the Stefanplast stand

A well-designed and attractive presentation of your company and its products at a trade show can help generate business leads and increase sales opportunities. However, in addition to the aesthetic aspect, it is essential to guarantee the comfort and practicality of the stand during all the exhibition phases to make management simple and effective. This story exemplifies how aesthetics and functionality have been successfully combined in the Stefanplast stand created by Manaly for the Ambiente fair.

stefanplast ambiente 2023


Ambiente is one of the most important trade fairs in the world dedicated to furnishing accessories and objects for the home. It takes place every year in Frankfurt, Germany, where it brings together over 4500 national and international exhibitors.The event, organized by the giant Messe Frankfurt, is able to trace the evolutionary trends affecting the consumer goods market, prefiguring future scenarios. Ambiente is also an opportunity to highlight design, sustainability and creativity, through trendy shows, project presentations, exhibitions and award ceremonies.Among the pavilions of the exhibition center, the major players in the sector were welcomed by a well-structured exhibition showcase divided into the "Dining", "Living" and "Giving" sections, to which a new "Working" section was added, in order to propose an offer of goods and products capable of grouping virtually every facet of lifestyle in a single container.

stefanplast ambiente 2023
stefanplast ambiente 2023


Stefanplast, founded in 1964, is a leading company in Italy in the production of plastic articles for the household, garden and pet. With 210 employees, the company was founded by Antonio Stefani, who understood the infinite possibilities of using plastic in everyday objects. Its first innovative product, a plastic bottle crate, proved to be a great success, giving the company the funds for further technological and structural investments.With over 55 years of history and extensive experience and knowledge in using plastics, it maintains an unwavering commitment to innovation and the ability to think innovatively, imagining and creating new shapes and products to meet customer needs.The team adopts a sustainable approach that covers all stages of the design and manufacturing process. It uses durable and completely disposable materials over time, with recyclable packaging and packaging. The ecological commitment is also found in the new collections which are made by recovering 100% of industrial waste and plastic material from certified recycling.

stefanplast ambiente 2023
stefanplast ambiente 2023


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This project had two main purposes: to renew the image of the stand compared to the previous one, maintaining an exhibition shell for a multiple series of products, making it visually lighter and providing a linear and natural design image through the materials used in the construction.The second objective was to create versatile and long-lasting display structures, which could be reused and modulated according to the availability of space in the various fairs and events that the company has scheduled over the years. This has allowed us to be flexible and to reduce costs and environmental impact, guaranteeing extreme adaptability and ease of reuse, since resistant materials have been chosen that deteriorate less over time than others.

stefanplast ambiente 2023
stefanplast ambiente 2023


To achieve the set goal, Manaly reinterpreted a customer's display design idea: "industrial style". Supporting structures in metal have been created, deliberately left "raw", and shelves and other furnishing elements in three-layer fir wood. The choice of these materials and the techniques adopted was motivated by the desire to emphasize the concept of contemporaneity, where natural wood represents the warmth of the house and the iron elements identify its structure.To avoid overloading the space with the amount of products on display, the final result was a very airy and welcoming structure. Volumes have been created above each exhibition structure which had a functional purpose, i.e. illuminating the product, but also an aesthetic one, as they architecturally completed the stand.A free area has been left in the center for interaction and conviviality, while the back wall has been dedicated to the promotion of the "Tosca" collection, a product line of great importance for the company.

“We were satisfied with the development of the project, with the attention to detail and with how all the steps and choices of materials for the construction of the stand were followed. The speed of execution and the great attention and professionalism in following the services for the fair, even in the set-up and dismantling phases, make Manaly a reliable, shrewd and safe partner because every customer needs a "turnkey" organization for all types of important events, whether they are trade fairs or not.”

— Stefanplast

stefanplast ambiente 2023