DQG: when the stand becomes home

The house is much more than just a structure to live in, it is the place where every detail counts to create a unique and personal atmosphere. On the occasion of the Klimahouse fair, Manaly created the DQG stand presenting an innovative project that recalled the idea of the home both structurally and conceptually, enhancing the product and creating a healthy, comfortable and sustainable environment. In this story, we will lead you to discover all the details, keep reading!

dqg klimahouse 2023


The Klimahouse fair is an annual event that attracts individuals, planners (such as architects and engineers) and building professionals from all over the world. This fair is dedicated to energy efficiency, sustainability and health of buildings, as well as the promotion of construction techniques and innovative solutions for reducing environmental impact. In a world increasingly attentive to the protection of the planet, Klimahouse offers a platform for comparison and exchange of ideas between experts in the sector and the interested public, with the aim of promoting a more sustainable and aware future.There were 4 thematic focuses of Klimahouse 2023: wood, both a complementary and a structural element; the energy challenge, with particular attention to the methods to be adopted to deal with the increase in energy costs, such as the integration of different energy sources to achieve self-sufficiency; construction for all, an issue at the center of the debate since affordability is an important factor in making sustainable construction a reality for everyone; innovation in construction, with the promotion and awarding of the most innovative companies with the Klimahouse Prize and giving space to Startups with the Future Hub.

dqg klimahouse
dqg klimahouse 2023


Since 1967, DQG has been designing, manufacturing and installing PVC and PVC/aluminium windows and doors in Italy and abroad. The company has always stood out for its production of made-to-measure and made in Italy fixtures. The remarkable development that took place in more than 50 years of history has led DQG to become a perfect mix of industrial efficiency and attention to detail typical of craftsmanship.In 2018, Diquigiovanni took a big step forward by moving to the new headquarters in Gambellara (Vicenza) and adopting a new logo, DQG, acronym of their historical name Diquigiovanni. This rebranding represents the change that has taken place under the leadership of the new ownership since 2010, becoming an even more innovative and avant-garde company, without ever losing sight of its artisan tradition.The story of how Manaly met DQG is a tale of connections and collaboration. On the occasion of the inauguration of their new headquarters, Manaly oversaw the organization of the event, laying the foundations for a lasting relationship. Subsequently, Diquigiovanni Srl entrusted us with the preparation of the stands for the Klimahouse fair for four consecutive years.


The project had two main objectives: the first was to create a stand that recalled the idea of a home, while avoiding adopting the traditional look of a wooden house. The materials to be used had to convey a welcoming and warm atmosphere, similar to that which can be found in a real home, creating a comfortable environment, far from any aseptic aspect.The second objective was to demonstrate that PVC windows, which represent the company's main product, could integrate perfectly into a domestic context, eliminating the preconception according to which PVC windows are too cold and suitable only for work environments or commercial. Finally, we also wanted to underline the compatibility of PVC with sustainable materials, thus promoting an environmentally friendly approach to construction.

dqg klimahouse 2023
dqg klimahouse 2023


To create the stand, a solution was adopted that envisaged the use of a wood-effect laminate floor and a "stylization" of the roof that recalled the idea of a house with a gabled roof, made of birch plywood with an additional texture given by milling.The same type of wood was used for the other furnishings inside the stand, creating a coherent and harmonious atmosphere. Even the finishes have been carefully chosen to create a visual and tactile experience that recalls the intimacy and warmth of a home, with the windows inserted in portions of the wall that reproduced the interior of a real home.One of the strengths of the stand is that with a minimal amount of materials it was possible to create a final result that combines elegance, hospitality and design in a surprising way.

“The collaboration between DQG and Manaly began in 2019 on the occasion of the inauguration of our new headquarters. Right from the start, a collaborative relationship was born based on active listening to our needs, mutual exchange of ideas and great professionalism. It was so natural to rely on Manaly also for the creation of our new stand for the Klimahouse 2020 fair which we have improved even more in the following two editions. Specifically, the stand concept on the one hand had to take into account a limited exhibition area (40m2) and on the other hand the need to create a comfortable and practical space that reflected the idea of home and the union between different materials ( wood and PVC windows). The result was a stand with a simple and functional design: the products are the real protagonists of the stand and integrate perfectly with the wood, unknowingly helping the customer to overcome the prejudice according to which PVC and wood don't go well together. DQG has found great cooperation and cohesion in Manaly not only in the development phase, but also in the set-up and dismantling phase, an aspect not to be underestimated for companies like ours that have to exhibit products that are not always practical to install!”