Eurobike 2023: sustainability and technology come together in a single stand

The advent of electric technologies has opened up new possibilities, revolutionizing urban mobility and reducing environmental impact. Thanks to e-mobility, the way we travel is radically changing, offering clean and efficient alternatives to traditional combustion vehicles. In this context, Meneghini&Associati and Manaly have teamed up to create the stand of the HGears company at the Eurobike 2023 fair.



Eurobike is one of the most important international exhibitions in the cycling sector and ended with great success a few weeks ago. The unmissable event for lovers of two wheels made the streets of the city vibrate with a multitude of bicycles, industry experts and innovators from every corner of the globe. The fair offered a complete overview of the latest trends in the cycling world, with a vast range of traditional and electric bikes, top quality components and cutting-edge accessories. In addition to the exhibitions, the event hosted seminars and conferences that shed light on crucial issues such as sustainability, urban mobility and the technological innovations that are revolutionizing the cycling sector.


Meneghini&Associati Talent Union is a communication and marketing group active with multiple companies. Meneghini&Associati Inventia (strategic communication) commissioned us to produce the Hgears stand for Eurobike 2023. Hgears is a German company (also based in Italy and China), specialized in the production of gears and components for power transmission . With an established reputation for quality and innovation, HGears is renowned for offering cutting-edge technical solutions for a range of industries including automotive, electric mobility, robotics and much more.


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The project objectives requested by Meneghini&Associati Inventia included several fundamental aspects. First, the client wanted a modern design that reflects the concepts of sustainability and nature, in line with the dynamic energy of the e-mobility sector. The main objective was to create a stand that accurately represented the size and expertise of the group, while also highlighting the level of technology on offer. It was also essential to strengthen the corporate image to investors, demonstrating the solidity and growth potential of the company.


To achieve the customer's objectives, with Meneghini&Associati Inventia we have developed a dynamic, clean and material-rich exhibition environment, harmoniously combining the concepts of sustainability and electric mobility.This combination of sustainability and technology has been taken up and enhanced in various elements within the exhibition space. The displays, made of wood, provided a solid base for displaying the products, while the back walls covered with preserved moss added a natural and dynamic touch. Both were enriched with LED inserts that illuminated and enhanced the structure, creating a suggestive and engaging atmosphere. The visual impact was further emphasized by the columns, which recalled the irregular shaped elements of the walls, and by the LED wall which seemed to emerge from the stand, with its three-dimensional and irregular shape. These elements are perfectly aligned with the concept of dynamism associated with the world of e-mobility. The floor used was characterized by a "concrete effect", creating an atmosphere that recalls the idea of the street and the external environment, thus completing the immersive and authentic experience of the stand. Light played a key role in highlighting the products on display and in channeling visitors' attention towards the company's innovative features.