Geometries of Style: the Better Silver stand at VicenzaOro.

The jewelry industry enchants with its timeless creativity, and VicenzaOro is the ideal stage. Manaly accompanied Better Silver in setting up its stand, enhancing dynamism and elegance. Discover all the details in our story!

better silver vicenzaoro
Better Silver


Vicenza becomes an elegant showcase during Vicenzaoro, the highly anticipated fair dedicated to goldsmithing and jewelry. Even in the September 2023 edition, the event captured the enthusiasm of enthusiasts. Bringing together designers, jewelers, and professionals from around the globe, this excellent event reveals the most exclusive and innovative creations.Beyond showcasing extraordinary jewelry, Vicenzaoro offers an extraordinary opportunity for growth and connection with conferences and workshops led by internationally renowned experts. This event represents the beating heart of an ever-evolving industry where the fusion of tradition and innovation gives life to timeless masterpieces. Click here to learn more about its story!

bettersilver vicenzaoro 2023
bettersilver vicenzaoro 2023


Located in Bressanvido, Vicenza, Better Silver Spa  is a renowned company in the field of silver jewelry. With years of experience in the industry, the company has earned a reputation for producing high-quality silver jewelry with refined design.Their product range spans from classic silver jewelry to the most modern and elegant creations, adapting to customer preferences. Attention to detail and the use of cutting-edge techniques are reflected in each piece.In addition to the quality of the jewelry, the company is also committed to adopting sustainable practices. The choice of environmentally friendly materials and production processes is an important aspect of the company's philosophy. This commitment aligns with the growing sensitivity towards sustainability in the jewelry industry.

bettersilver vicenzaoro 2023
bettersilver vicenzaoro 2023
bettersilver vicenzaoro 2023




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The Stand

The September 2023 edition of VicenzaOro marked the second collaboration between Manaly and Better Silver, for which Manaly took care of the technical design and realization of the exhibition space.The stand is distinguished by a decorative wall consisting of irregular geometric shapes, separated by luminous LED cuts. This feature gives high visibility to the entire stand, adding dynamism to its imposing structure, which extends to 5 meters and 50 centimeters in height.The large front wall also features display cases to exhibit the company's products. These cases allow visitors to immediately view the range of offered products while clearly defining the boundaries of the area, creating a closed and reserved space inside the stand.The result is a stand that immediately captures the visitor's eye. Despite its grandeur, thanks to the use of see-through fabric and the dynamic lines of the geometric wall, the setup is captivating without being overwhelming. The overall design conveys a sense of dynamism and an atmosphere of elegance that exemplifies the essence of Better Silver.

bettersilver vicenzaoro 2023