Mavive in Cannes: one stand, infinite communication styles

Manaly managed the design of Mavive's stand at the TFWA in Cannes, skillfully combining multiple communication styles of various fragrances into a single exhibition. The result was a symphony of expressions that captivated and drew the attention of all visitors.

mavive tfwa cannes 2023


The TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes is one of the most anticipated events in the travel retail world. This annual event attracts the industry's key players, from luxury brands to cosmetic and fragrance companies.Situated in the beautiful setting of the French Riviera, the fair offers a unique opportunity to explore the latest trends and innovations in the industry. Participants will have the chance to establish business contacts, expand their network, and discover new emerging markets.The TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes boasts a high-quality display with well-curated stands and a wide range of exclusive products. Presentations, conferences, and workshops will provide valuable insights into marketing strategies, market challenges, and global market opportunities.

mavive tfwa
mavive bmw cannes


Mavive is a perfumery entity based in Venice, the city of wonders. Founded with passion and dedication, the company stands out for its artisanal heritage and the ability to create successful products for house brands and licensed brands. For generations, Mavive has been committed to sharing the authentic spirit of Venice with the world through its iconic fragrances, creating an unbreakable bond between the art of perfumery and the lagoon city.Guided by an innovative vision, the company embodies the art of excellence in the industry, always looking towards the future. The fragrances evoke deep emotions and sensory journeys, intertwining tradition with bold creativity.The company passionately dedicates itself to the exclusive use of premium ingredients and adheres to strict quality standards, transforming these elements into unique olfactory experiences. Sustainability is at the heart of its mission, reflected in its constant commitment to eco-friendly and responsible practices.

mavive tfwa cannes 2023
mavive bmw cannes
mavive bmw cannes


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The goal was to preserve the distinctive look of the previous stand model while making some adjustments to accommodate the new launches of various brands, giving it a fresher and more modern appearance. The main challenge was the variety of displayed products, each with a different communication style based on specific graphics and guidelines for each brand. Moreover, flagship products required dedicated display corners to maintain the unique identity of each brand, thus generating a variety of different styles.

mavive tfwa cannes 2023
mavive tfwa cannes 2023


To renovate the stand, a LED wall was added to the front, while changing the color from warm white to a brighter white gave the structure a new and contemporary touch. The furniture was lacquered in white to achieve a uniform and harmonious appearance.While maintaining the main structure, small adjustments were made to the panels to create new spaces, including a new custom-made piece of furniture for the rear area and a refined space dedicated to the Mercante di Venezia, enriched with new elements in harmony with the previous edition. Additionally, a significant change was made to the background, further delineating the area through specially designed panels.