Behind the scenes of the exhibition: Manaly and "La Proporzione Aurea" (The Golden Proportion)

Connecting means building a dialogue. This concept finds expression in the exhibition "La Proporzione Aurea" (The Golden Proportion) conceived by Relazionésimo, in which different generations of artists challenge each other to dialogue with each other on the relationship between art, science, ethics and the forms of beauty. It is an investigation that spans time, connecting the past and present, while exploring humanity's role in the world around it.In this case study, we will examine how  Studio Gabbiani&Associati and Manaly created a project and an installation that are in harmonious relationship with the unique structure of the Palladian Basilica and the Bertoliana Library, offering visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in a fascinating journey , intriguing and full of unexpected surprises.



La Proporzione Aurea" (The Golden Proportion) is an immersive journey (opened on 1 October and will last until 10 December 2023) that explores the harmony of nature, human relationships and our relationship with the world. This eclectic exhibition unites past, present and future, art, science and technology, offering a unique perspective on the "secret rule" that governs the harmony of the universe. The exhibition develops in two distinct places, both rich in meaning and artistic value. The Palladian Basilica is the main space where works by prominent artists such as Michelangelo Pistoletto, Erica Tamborini, Angelo Bonello, Jacopo Gonzato and Fabio Volpi are placed. This exhibition is a living experience that focuses on the human being and his relationships with others and with the world, promoting the transition towards a conscious society. In the Bertoliana Civic Library (Palazzo Cordellina), the work of Luca Pacioli and his influence on the economy, printing and the science of proportions are explored through original editions of the Summa De Arithmetica and De Divina Proportione. Also on display are rare volumes related to the work of Albrecht Dürer and Giovanni Caccamo's "Wall of Change", an interactive installation in which visitors share words of change related to the golden ratio.This innovative event promotes Relazionésimo's philosophical ambition to change individual and collective consciousness, uniting emotions and knowledge to create new alliances between art and science and encourage positive change in society and culture.

relazionesimo basilica palladiana 2023


Founded in 2020 by Ketty Panni and Ombretta Zulian, Beate Vivo Farm Srl is an entrepreneurial reality which, through the research and development of economic projects and products, aims to make tangible the value of relational capital, which is increasingly strategic for businesses .Relazionésimo is a business project that seeks to promote harmony, balance and beauty in an increasingly complex world. It is a response to the growing dehumanization in people's lives and organizations, proposing a new social, cultural and economic approach that focuses on the importance of relationships as a driver of development in every aspect of human life.The two Italian entrepreneurs coined the term "Relazionésimo" with the aim of creating a human, cultural and economic movement that considers relationships as an inspiring and educational model for a happy life, balancing the economic dimension (Core) with the social one (Care ) in a mutually sustainable way.

relazionesimo basilica palladiana 2023
relazionesimo basilica palladiana 2023
relazionesimo basilica palladiana 2023






Set-up days


The objective of the Relazionésimo project, as underlined by the architect Marcella Gabbiani, commissioned by the creators (Ombretta Zulian and Ketty Panni of Relazionésimo) and the curators (Rolando Bellini with the support of Marco Dotti), consisted in the promotion of relationships and new life opportunities in harmony with contemporary society. We live in an era characterized by widespread communication, but relationships often prove complex. The exhibition, therefore, was not supposed to focus on a historical investigation regarding the golden ratio, but rather aimed to stimulate visitors' reflection on their relationship with others, with the environment and with the surrounding world.

relazionesimo basilica palladiana 2023
relazionesimo basilica palladiana 2023


We can define the exhibition as a journey against a dark background in which each stage has a name, an artist and a story to tell or experience through the senses, even involving the experience itself. In fact, at the end of the journey, you can become part of Pistoletto's Third Paradise, a collective work of art based on words and relationships.The “skeleton” of the setup was provided by the American structure, thus creating the basis for the electrical aspects of the entire installation. This structure, together with the lighthouses and cables, was specifically chosen in black to minimize the visual impact on the Palladian Basilica.The route suggested to the visitor was created by positioning walls entirely covered with graphic sheets. The rooms dedicated to the immersive experience have been soundproofed, ensuring an acoustically engaging environment. Furthermore, a lighting study was conducted to maximize the works of art, ensuring their best exposure. Particularly distinctive in terms of lighting was a large-scale projection, designed to capture the essence of the place we are in: the Palladian Basilica, a stratified and irregular building capable of suggesting its own interpretation of harmony.The work team was large and diverse, which helped to create relationships in this context too. Manaly was responsible for the technical-executive design of the spaces, deriving from the creative project by Gabbiani&Associati. Manaly directly managed the logistics and construction site activities. Thanks to the intense design and planning activity, together with careful coordination of all the parties involved, an exhibition space has been created that fully reflects the vision and objectives of the Relazionésimo's project and which offers the public a fascinating and extraordinary.

The setup of the exhibition "La Proporzione Aurea" given the unique location where it took place (Basilica Palladiana and Palazzo Cordellina), required an additional organizational effort that the company Manaly managed with professionalism. The overall organization of the event, including the availability of staff throughout the exhibition, also witnessed the proactive involvement of the company in resolving various situations as they arose. [...] As previously highlighted, the initiative was part of the broader "Relazionésimo" project, aiming to pursue and implement new models of social, economic, and human relationships capable of identifying new paths for societal change and development, particularly directed towards the youth. In this context, Manaly seems to have grasped the meaning and spirit of the project, actively contributing to its successful realization.

— Marco Salgarelli, General Manager - Beate Vivo Farm srl