Vicenzaoro 2024: Seven Monoliths, Seventy Years of Excellence

A captivating chapter of 70 years of history unfolds with Vicenzaoro 2024, the renowned jewelry fair. On the occasion of this extraordinary anniversary, the installation of 7 monoliths created by Manaly embodies the essence of each decade. Delving into the case study, we will unveil the secrets of this unique installation—keep reading to discover more!

vicenzaoro monoliti 70 anni


Vicenzaoro, the global fair for goldsmithing and jewelry, proudly celebrates its seventieth anniversary as the longest-running event of its kind. Known as "The Jewellery Boutique Show," it anticipates 2024 trends, providing a unique opportunity for networking with leading industry designers. Concurrently, the T.GOLD salon showcases advanced technologies in jewelry production and processing.This edition celebrates not only entrepreneurial success but also the fundamental role of the host region. Vicenza, the heart of the event, houses historic goldsmith workshops, the Jewelry Museum, and a "Golden Street" in the city center. This authenticity contributes to Vicenzaoro's global credibility. During the fair, the city takes center stage with showcases in the city center, narrating the history of the fair and goldsmithing, complemented by dedicated online content. An engaging experience celebrating the past and present of this prestigious event.

vicenzaoro monoliti 70 anni
vicenzaoro monoliti 70 anni


Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) is a European player in the exhibition industry with over 70 years of experience, organizing fairs, events, and congresses in Italy and internationally. IEG's main mission is to provide business opportunities, high-value content, and meeting occasions for national and international partners. Listed on the stock exchange since 2019, IEG operates in six business lines, presiding over six exhibition districts covering diverse sectors such as Food & Beverage, Jewellery & Fashion, Wellness & Sports, Tourism & Hospitality, Lifestyle & Entertainment, Green & Technology.IEG has a solid governance structure with a Board of Directors. Its international presence is evident through activities on four continents. Committed to environmental sustainability, it has received recognitions such as ISO 14001 and ISO 20121 certifications. IEG manages major exhibition districts in Rimini and Vicenza, contributing to the economic growth of the regions. The 2022-2027 industrial plan involves significant structural investments, with a focus on sustainability. IEG's vision is to act as a catalyst for communities, promoting development and connection among reference industries.

vicenzaoro 2024 monoliti 70 anni
vicenzaoro 2024 monoliti 70 anni storia
vicenzaoro 2024 monoliti 70 anni




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The concept behind this project was conceived by the Italian Exhibition Group with the aim of creating seven imposing monoliths arranged in the entrance square of the Vicenza Fair. Each monolith symbolizes a decade of the fair's history, metaphorically representing its transformation from its industrial beginnings, focused on machinery currently present in the T.GOLD section, to its current prestige in the luxury and jewelry sector.For this reason, the edition's slogan is "The Heritage for Tomorrow," eloquently emphasizing the growth of the event over the years and consolidating it as one of the most relevant B2B fairs in the global jewelry landscape.

vicenzaoro monoliti 70 anni
vicenzaoro 2024 monoliti 70 anni storia


Manaly created the seven imposing monoliths using different materials. Specifically, three are made of sheets of dark marble, gold, and silver; another three are composed of D-Bond gold mirror, silver mirror, and satin-finished engraved gold; and a particular monolith is composed of crystal drops fixed to a metal mesh. To complete the group, one has been added featuring the engraved and backlit celebratory edition logo.These seven monoliths have been replicated in smaller sizes and distributed in each pavilion, where they are placed on platforms with adjacent informative lightboxes that delve into the history of each decade.

Manaly effectively translated the project from both a structural and engineering standpoint; they proposed valid solutions, accompanied by clear samples and technical drawings. Despite tight deadlines, they managed to deliver an excellent result and adhere to the schedule.

— Elena Faleschini - Exhibition Design Project Manager ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP S.P.A.