Circus Charm and Moulin Rouge Energy: Anthology by Mavolo Stand at Beer&Food Attraction 2024

Manaly led the project and realization of Mavolo Beverages' stand at the Beer&Food Attraction fair in Rimini. The goal? Successfully present their spin-off, Anthology, in a dynamic, colorful, and playful environment. Experience the magic of this stand, read our case study!

Mavolo anthology beer and food attraction 2024
Mavolo Beverages


Beer Attraction is a key fair in the world of craft beer in Italy, attracting thousands of visitors to Rimini every year. Following the success of the 2023 edition, the event changed its format, reducing the days to three instead of four, concentrating business from February 18 to 20, 2024. This decision, shared with the main actors of the industry, aims to optimize networking and training opportunities for professional operators. The event showcased a wide range of beers, beverages, and food, along with competitions such as the Unionbirrai Beer of the Year award and the Italian Cuisine Championships. The International Horeca Meeting, organized by Italgrob, provided an important opportunity for the entire supply chain to discuss market innovations and foodservice trends. Beer Attraction 2024 confirms its status as a fundamental event for industry operators seeking inspiration and business opportunities.

mavolo anthology beer food attraction 2024


Mavolo's story began in 1962 with a distillery, but intuition and passion led the company towards the distribution of beverages and spirits. Seriousness and transparency have made Mavolo one of the most reliable in the industry, with high-quality services and competitive logistics. The company's philosophy is the search for the best national and international products, with strong communicative potential, distributed through various channels. Mavolo stands out not only for classic beverages but also for innovative products ahead of consumption trends, offering partners opportunities for success. Mavolo's solid success is based on constant research for new references and the choice of exclusive products, ensuring competitiveness, efficiency, and innovation. The most recent project, Anthology, offers a unique experience from around the world, contributing to changing the traditional concept of beverage exploration and offering. Anthology is the new spin-off of Mavolo Beverages, an anthology of unfound magic.

mavolo anthology beer food attraction 2024
mavolo anthology beer food attraction 2024





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The main objective was to create a stand that was anything but ordinary: dynamic, versatile, and adaptable for the multiple fairs planned throughout the year. It had to embody the vibrant soul of the new brand Anthology, young, fresh, and linked to travel, discovery, and colors. The style had to be a combination of circus charm and Moulin Rouge energy with a contemporary touch, made of clean lines and square shapes. The idea was to create an engaging experience, a visual journey that captured the imagination and invited the audience to explore the world of Anthology. Every detail had to convey a sense of play and adventure, enticing people to participate and have fun. The goal, therefore, was to ensure that the stand was not just a point of attraction but a true celebration of the essence of the Anthology brand.

mavolo anthology beer food attraction 2024


The Anthology by Mavolo stand is an explosion of creativity and entertainment, designed to engage and surprise the audience at every corner. On the sides of the front, two distorting mirrors invite interactive participation, evoking the joyful atmosphere of a circus or theater. The luminous frame surrounding them recalls the vitality of an illuminated stage and the attraction of carousels. Above, the chains of lights on the open ceiling create a festive and convivial atmosphere, while the central and side iron shelving units, arranged in staggered modules, add dynamism to the design. The black and white checkered floor recalls the theme of gaming and fun, completing the environment. The central counter, 7 meters long, is a fusion of functionality and style: its modularity makes it adaptable to every need, while the purple cane front with the black Anthology logo attracts the visitors' attention. Above the counter, a popcorn machine couldn't be missed, blending perfectly with the environment, providing a nostalgic and cheerful touch. Recessed displays in niches with mirrored bottoms create a sense of depth; the curtains, instead, serve as a discovery and surprise element. Exploring beyond the curtains, visitors find themselves catapulted into a sort of "internal garden", a more reserved area enriched with plants and flowers, fully visible only through a glass window at the back of the stand. The dominant color, a bold combination of purple, red, and black, evokes a lively and mysterious atmosphere that transports anyone who crosses the threshold into a "magical" world.

"We are extremely satisfied with the work done by Manaly. They guided us through the entire process, demonstrating from the beginning a deep understanding of our needs, carefully listening to our requests, and presenting us with various proofs and alternatives to achieve the desired goal. Manaly skillfully translated our ideas and corporate identity into a stand that not only reflects our philosophy and essence but also combines great functionality and practicality."

Mavolo Beverages - Anthology