Brand recognition and product exaltation: the Euronda stand at IDS

Recognizability and solidity of the brand, functional spaces for displaying the multiple product lines and areas dedicated to relationships are the ingredients that guided the design of the Euronda stand at IDS Cologne 2023. To be able to make all these aspects coexist harmoniously within a large exhibition space, divided into two independent areas, Euronda relied on Manaly from the planning stage to the realization.

Euronda IDS 2023


The IDS (International Dental Show) is one of the most important events in the world of dentistry and is held every two years in Cologne, Germany. For exactly 100 years, it has attracted thousands of visitors from all over the world. The 2023 edition was particularly significant, as it was the first after the Covid-19 pandemic that has shocked the world in the last two years. During the fair, attendees have the opportunity to meet leading dental equipment manufacturers, attend presentations of new products, and attend conferences and seminars on various aspects of dentistry. Furthermore, the IDS fair is also an occasion for exhibitors to showcase their technological innovations and for participants to expand their professional network and learn about the latest industry trends.

Euronda IDS 2023
Euronda IDS 2023


Euronda is a leading company in the dental sector from Vicenza. Founded in 1975, it has developed a complete range of high quality products for the sterilization and hygiene of medical devices, as well as for the protection of medical personnel and patients. The company stands out for its great attention to detail and safety, investing in research and development to offer cutting-edge solutions that comply with the strictest regulations. Thanks to its capacity for innovation, Euronda has gained a solid reputation in its sector and collaborates with professionals and institutions all over the world. Furthermore, the company is engaged in various social and sustainability initiatives, demonstrating a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to the community.

Euronda IDS 2023
Euronda ADF Congrés 2023
Euronda IDS 2023




m² of stand


Product lines


The main objective of the stand was to enhance the Euronda brand, making visitors perceive the reliability and solidity of the brand. Furthermore, for Euronda, it was important to exhibit the entire product range, giving particular prominence to the "Monoart" line, a line for which Euronda is recognized worldwide. Finally, since IDS is the most important trade fair in the world for the dentistry sector, it was necessary to design a large area dedicated to relations where customers and prospects could be welcomed in a comfortable and welcoming manner.

Euronda IDS 2023
Euronda IDS 2023


To enhance and communicate the solidity of the brand, two large structures have been created to cover the product area which, together with the large central hanging, have generated an imposing, bright and highly recognizable space. The exaltation of the product was made concrete through a linear and precise display. But what really caught the eye was the central wall dedicated to the "Monoart" line, made up of colorful niches in 12 vibrant shades. Furthermore, the use of paper has been abandoned, adopting digital solutions such as QR codes, to offer a smart and cutting-edge experience. Finally, the social area has been equipped with numerous comforts, including a bar area and recharging sockets for telephones. In order to involve visitors more, an amusing game has been created, based on the famous "Pacman" but closely linked to the dental sector, which can be reached via a QR code. The aim was to involve and interact with visitors in a simple, convivial and friendly way.