Revisiting tradition with a "green" approach: the case of Veneto Agricoltura - Caseus 2022

Memory is an element that allows what we do, say and think to remain even after the immediate present. It is therefore thanks to memory that tradition can exist. This is where the idea developed by Manaly and CD10 for the regional stand of Veneto Agricoltura and its subsidiaries CSQA, Bioagro and Intermizoo starts, on the occasion of the Caseus event, and which resulted in an ultra-modern design that recalls the culture and roots of Veneto region.

manaly veneto agricoltura
Veneto Agricoltura


Caseus is the most important regional event on the world of cheeses, promoted by the Veneto Region. The event was born in 2005 to enhance the history of Venetian farmers who look after their animals by delivering precious and quality milk every day to over a hundred regional dairies. A story that passes through the hands of the cheesemakers, who have often learned the trade from their predecessors, inheriting their secrets, and who are now experimenting with innovation in the search for a balance between respect for traditions and consumer satisfaction. Starting from 2022, Caseus expands its borders, proposing three exhibition itineraries (Caseus Veneti, Caseus Italiae, Caseus Mundi) to also host producers from other regions and countries. The cheeses of the producers, this year, rise to the fore in a completely indigenous context thanks to the presence of the stand of Veneto Agricoltura, CSQA, Bioagro and Intermizoo, built in a splendid setting such as Villa Contarini, located in the province of Padua.

veneto agricoltura
veneto agricoltura caseus


Veneto Agricoltura is the instrumental body of the Veneto Region, which carries out support activities for the Regional Council in the context of policies for the agricultural, agri-food, forestry and fisheries sectors. The Veneto Agency for innovation in the primary sector has the objective of bringing out the needs of companies, through the dissemination and transfer to the production system of technological, organisational, process and product innovations, including valorisation procedures and quality certification, also making use of private production structures representative of the various production realities of the regional territory. Finally, it works for the safeguarding and protection of native plant and animal biodiversity, as well as in the management of the regional forest property.


The idea for the project developed from an in-depth study of the structure of the traditional Venetian farmhouse, with the aim of reinterpreting the typical elements of this architecture in a sustainable and contemporary way. The result was the creation of a series of wooden houses, which strategically positioned, bring to the mind of the passer-by a vision of the typical rural Venetian village. The true sense of belonging, however, focuses on enhancing one's cultural heritage, which is why the wood used to create the houses is PEFC and Legno Veneto certified: it therefore comes from forests located exclusively in the Veneto Region that are managed in a sustainable manner. Manaly accompanied Veneto Agricoltura in the creation of these modular and independent structures that can be reused to represent the companies of the Veneto Region on various occasions, highlighting the sustainability and authenticity of the local product.

veneto agricoltura
veneto agricoltura


This project is the result of a collaboration of several actors: CD10 followed the creative planning; Doriguzzi is the company that supplied the raw material, wood; Saviane is who worked it transforming it into beams; Consorzio del Legno Veneto and CSQA contributed to certify the origin of the wood and finally Manaly took care of the technical, design and installation part of the final stand. The wood used to create the stand comes from spruce, the most widespread tree in the Veneto Region, and the beams produced are gleaned from solid fir. The choice of this type of wood and its processing was made in particular to satisfy the need for solidity of the structure, but also the simplicity of assembly and disassembly of the same. To decorate and give homogeneity of the finish, the details were built in three-layer fir panels and, finally, the graphics were created with low environmental impact inks and recycled and/or sustainable material (such as cardboard).The product of this short supply chain, therefore, was the reinterpretation of tradition but with a "green" approach, combining natural elements that have made it possible to develop an environment that respects the surrounding nature and is linked to history.

“We are very satisfied with the result obtained and with the debut of the new regional exhibition format for Veneto Agricoltura, CSQA, Bioagro and Intermizoo.The CD10-Diverse company in charge of the study of the concept and Manaly, for the construction and set-up part, have been able to skilfully interpret the needs of the client by translating our identity and our values, combining them with innovation while maintaining tradition.The concept of a stand made with completely reusable Venetian products, thanks to the certified wood of our forests, projects us into a new and strongly identifying exhibition path.”

— Alvise Cattelan | CSQA Communication Director

veneto agricoltura