Satisfying customer requests: a culture thing

Setting up a stand within a trade fair is not only an opportunity to advertise your products and services, but it is also a means through which the values and history of your brand can shine through. Part of these values, especially in some countries and sectors, is the hometown culture. Just think of some iconic products of the food sector (does mozzarella without the Italian flag have an appeal?), And how many products of daily consumption and use are associated with the country of origin. So why not mix ultra-modern design with elements that are strongly linked to their culture and roots?

Riyadh Airports


World Routes is the most important event of the aviation industry that every year brings together airports, airlines and the main tourism authorities in the world with the aim of developing new air connections globally.World Routes for this edition, which arrived one year late on the roadmap due to the covid emergency, focused on long-term growth opportunities for the city and the entire region. The event was hosted at MiCo - Milan Convention Center, from 10 to 12 October 2021. Manaly accompanied a leader from Saudi Arabia to this fair: Riyadh Airports.


Riyadh Airports Company is a private company in the aviation sector of Saudi Arabia that deals with the management of the King Khalid International Airport (KKIA) in the Saudi capital, which in recent years aims at a greater expansion to provide services and facilities more and more all vanguard. This KKIA operation will include operational terminal 6, which could become the largest in the Middle East. Riyadh Airports works closely with its partners locally and globally, to ensure complete, safe and efficient services to its customers.


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In a sector such as aviation, which was heavily affected by the crisis during the period of total shutdown, due to the covid, it was important for Riyadh Airports to strengthen, establish and create relationships with old and new partners, as well as presenting logistical strategies, services and future improvements to major airlines in the world. Communicating their state-of-the-art services and facilities was of primary importance, without however neglecting the cultural imprinting to which the company is strongly linked.


The creative concept of the stand developed by Advisor360, Ryadh's integrated communication agency, was realized by Manaly thanks to a great effort of sharing and exchange of ideas between the subjects involved.Manaly created an exhibition structure divided into two areas: a reception area designed to receive customers and respond to their curiosity, enriched by Arab sofas and upholstery and an in-depth area of the city of Riyadh, developed through a video game that projects the visitor on a virtual visit to the places of greatest interest. The second - the meeting area - a semicircular structure in frosted glass designed for strategic meetings with airline companies and commercial partners.