Celebrating the 50th anniversary of a company and the Family Day in a single event: the 3B Spa case

Celebratory events such as Family Day or the 50th anniversary are very important moments for a company, because they represent an opportunity to celebrate an extraordinary time milestone, achieved thanks to the work of their employees, but also to show how much their families have contributed. to this success. Opening the doors of the company to show the place where a family member spends most of their time helps to increase their sense of belonging. In addition, it becomes an opportunity to transmit to employees and their families those corporate values that help create and improve interpersonal relationships.An example of success in the creation of a dual-purpose corporate event is represented by the event created by Manaly for 3B Spa. Below we propose an analysis of the case to understand how this order was completed.

3B spa


On 7 December, the company celebrated its fiftieth anniversary by organizing a Family Day for its employees and their families. Over a thousand people participated in the event, who had the opportunity to visit the production plants through a guided tour and to spend an afternoon in a festive atmosphere awaiting Christmas. The first part of the event took place in the area dedicated to children, where the Respet Competition took place in which the works created by children using recycled plastic containers were presented and awarded. In the second part of the afternoon, guided tours took place in the production areas, in which the 3B staff illustrated some departments of the factory, highlighting the company's production technologies.


A history spanning half a century that of the 3B company of the Bergamo family in Salgareda. In 1947 Giovanni Bergamo created a small carpentry workshop in the Municipality of San Biagio di Callalta.In 1954 he founded the first company called "BG" in a location created within the family home, involving his sons Luciano and Guglielmo. In 1969 the production site was moved to the current site in Salgareda, taking the name of 3B Spa, evolving from an artisan experience to an industrial factory. The following 50 years have been a continuous growth and evolution, leading 3B to be a reference point in the sector of doors for kitchens and furniture, in the production of semi-finished products and accessories.Today 3B Spa is an industrial reality solidly positioned in the market, with 900 employees and an annual production of 36 million pieces.


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of 3B Spa, the company has decided to organize an event to celebrate both the years of activity of the Bergamo family and the Family Day, a day dedicated to 900 employees and their families, in an atmosphere of party and fun while waiting for Christmas. A moment designed to emotionally involve employees and family members.The goal of the Family Day was to carry out recreational activities suitable for all ages: children, teenagers, adults and the elderly. The Respet Competition was created for the younger band, which kicked off the party. Afterwards, guided tours of the production areas were held for all present.So this party wanted to be at the same time a moment to put employer branding into practice, through the transmission of company values ​​by improving the perception of the brand by employees, and branding to establish and strengthen the identity of the 3B Spa brand with the public.


The creative concept was handled by Studio Event Frescopensiero, while the catering service by Ristora Eventi. To complete the order, given the amount of work and the tight schedule, sharing of roles and exchanging ideas was needed.Manaly to create this event has put all its decades of experience into play, first of all dealing with the design: from the spaces to the analysis of the safety protocol, from the setting up of the structures to those of the audio, video and lighting systems, up to the script and direction of the event. Manaly also managed the research of the artistic content, the logistic service and the catering supply. Finally, he coordinated the work of all suppliers involved in the event from start to finish.